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Care of your cashmere

Who doesn’t love the feeling of being wrapped up in a luxurious cashmere jumper? But when you ruin said jumper in the wash, apart from it being a devastating experience, it can be an extremely expensive item to replace. Here are some tips on how to care for your cashmere - ensuring you can enjoy it for years to come, hopefully forever!


Does cashmere need to be dry-cleaned?

Only in exceptional cases would dry-cleaning be recommended; for example when a cashmere garment is of an extremely fine knit, has elaborate embroidery or is woven.

How often should I wash my cashmere jumper

It’s good to know how often you should be washing your knitwear. Generally cashmere should be washed ‘up to’ the fourth time of wearing. High-quality cashmere actually gets better with every wash. It is only with time that the wonderful fluff will form on the surface making your cashmere jumper incredibly soft and cuddly. Hand wash in lukewarm water using a specialist cashmere shampoo.

Hand wash Can you use fabric softener?

The simple answer is NO. Fabric softener is not recommended for cashmere as the ingredients will flatten the surface structures causing your clothes to wear out more quickly. You can use a specialist cashmere conditioner or even a commercially available hair conditioner.

How to dry cashmere jumpers

Lay them flat on a laundry rack with a dry, absorbent towel underneath. Instead of stretching the garment in any direction, shake it out briefly and let it dry loosely in a slightly scrunched-up form. Put up the sleeves and press the cuffs slightly, so that the fabric stays elastic.


How to prevent pilling

You can’t! Pilling is a natural process simply caused by daily wear – usually on especially exposed areas such as the elbows or cuffs. It has nothing to do with the quality of a product. Fine hairs get loose, rub against each other and form small balls otherwise know as pilling. Treatment with a special cashmere comb can help reduce pilling. Use it to remove the loose hairs, wear the jumper and then wash it. After repeating the procedure two or three times your favourite jumper will look like new again. Avoid using cashmere shavers as the danger of tearing holes in the knitting is too great.

How to remove stains

Never soak or brush your cashmere garment as this will cause the wool to felt. Apply specialist cashmere shampoo onto the stain and put it in the laundry. Ensure the water is not hot as this could cause the dirt to adhere to the material.

How to store cashmere

At the end of the season, wash and dry your cashmere garments as previously advised. Ideally, store your cashmere flat in a wardrobe or chest, which if possible should be dark, cool and dry. Avoid high and tight-pressed stacks - try to stack your garments according to weight with lighter weight garments on the top.