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Threads of fluffy clouds

There’s nothing quite like the soft touch of cashmere on your skin. It seems impossible to imagine that this luxuriously soft material is made from anything besides the threads of fluffy clouds, and being as it is often very expensive, you’d like to think it was!

Cashmere Goat

Shockingly cashmere is not made from the threads of fluffy clouds but is instead made from goats hair!


Cashmere is produced from the soft undercoat of Cashmere Goats, who’s origin of Kashmir in India and Pakistan is where this rare eponym achieved its name. They are now bred in many different countries around the globe. The Cashmere Goats are the only animals that can produce those dreamy, luxurious and highly coveted fibers.


An average sized sweater will likely have been produced from the wool of between 3-5 Cashmere Goats. Because it is such a finite resource, there is only a certain amount produced in the world, and like with precious stones or gold, it is rare, and so is priced accordingly - making it the most expensive of natural fabrics. Soft Cashmere Jumper

What makes cashmere so soft?

Cashmere is so incredibly soft due to the shape of its fibres. Unlike other wools such as angora, who’s fibres are straight, the fibres of cashmere wool are ‘bumpy’, clinging to themselves so nothing sticks out to irritate and make your skin itch.


Favoured by noblemen of the Roman Empire, cashmere became popular once again among European royal families and aristocrats of the 18th century. Today cashmere is used in many clothing and accessory products from women’s and men’s coats, blazers and jackets, to hosiery, gloves, sweaters, socks and scarves. Items made of cashmere keep their original shape even after years of use, and if taken proper care of will not stretch or fade.


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