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A 100% natural Clarins innovation

NEW for 2020 is Clarins Plant Gold


Inspired by the application techniques used by Clarins Spa aestheticians, Clarins has pioneered a dual-chamber bottle especially for Plant Gold. A breakthrough dual formula, Clarins’ first 100% natural oil-emulsion combines the iconic aromatic power of Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil with a creamy emulsion, to nourish, repair and illuminate the skin. The richness of an oil combined with the softness of an emulsion to deliver both comfort and radiance. Suitable for all ages and all skin types.
Soft, fluid and with a natural aromatic fragrance, this magical formula provides the skin with the three benefits of nutrition, vitality and radiance.
Clarins Plant Gold stimulates the mind and body thanks to Clarins Aromaphytocare


According to Clarins Aromaphytocare, this breakthrough combination of blue orchid extract and patchouli essential oil creates an immediate well-being sensation that stimulates the mind and body.
The blue orchid, or “Blue Vanda,” is native to the Himalayas, and its colour makes it a species of interest. Patchouli essential oil, with its comforting and irresistible notes, gives Plant Gold truly incredible sensory appeal.

Now available in store at the Clarins counter.