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Lancôme Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream

Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream

Eyebrow filler & enhancer

BROWS ARE YOUR POWER. For beautifully densified brows, apply Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream on your eye brow arch. Its smart powdery formula transforms into cream when it comes into contact with the skin to densify and thicken your brow’s look with a 3D effect. One stroke application for an immediate result. If you want a bolder brow look, layer with more product.

Lancôme Brôw Define Pencil

Brôw Define Pencil

Precision pencil

For beautifully defined brows, draw short, upward strokes with Brôw Define Pencil to mimic hairs and fill in sparse areas. Blend with the brush for a natural and disciplined look. Available in 14 shades to match every brow tone.

Lancôme Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil

Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil

Eyebrow Shaper

Beautifully shape your brows, arch and fill in sparse areas with Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil.Blend with the brush to achieve as natural a look as desired. Available in 10 shades to match every brow tone.


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