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NEW Clarins Scrub collection

As part of their new ‘Renew, Rebalance & Restore’ range, Clarins introduces their NEW Face Scrubs collection.

FRESH SCRUB | Refreshing Cream Scrub with natural bead | 50ML
Removes the accumulation of dead skin cells and boosts the skins capacity to retain water. This is perfect for you if you suffer with dehydrated skin. Enriched with organic leaf of life extract to help boost skin’s ability to retain moisture, it leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and radiant.

COMFORT SCRUB | Nourishing Oil Scrub with sugar microcrystals | 50ML
Unclogs pores and removes sebum from your skin. If you want soft nourished skin this is perfect for you. Enriched with wild mango butter it helps to nourish and smooth your skin. It is suitable for use on your lips and leaves your skin soothed and luminous.

PURE SCRUB | Purifying Gel Scrub with lava beads | 50ML
Removes dead skin cells and restores skin lipids. This is a great scrub if you have oily to combination skin. Enriched with alpine willow herb extract it helps to re-balance, smooth, purify and mattify your skin.

For more information speak to your Clarins Consultant on counter in store.