Hoopers Stores


Below you will find the body measurements that we use along with a handy conversion guide for our hosiery sizing. Just check your height and your weight in order to get your tights size.

Height in cm

Weight in kg


150-154cm 45-64kg XS
65-69kg S
70-79kg M
155-159cm 45-54kg XS
55-69kg S
70-79kg M
80-90kg L
160-164cm 45-49kg XS
50-64kg S
65-74kg M
75-90kg L
165-169cm 45-59kg S
60-74kg M
75-84kg L
85kg plus XL
170-174cm 45-54kg S
55-69kg M
70-79kg L
80kg plus XL
175-179cm 45-49kg S
50-69kg M
70-79kg L
80kg plus XL
180-184cm 45-64kg M
65-74kg L
75kg plus XL
185 cm plus 45-59kg M
60-69kg L
70kg plus XL